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Dreams of Depression
One day,
I will wake up
And realize that everything,
My entire life, has been
A dream.
Simple, perfect,
Everything I wanted
I obtained
One way or another
I was satisfied
Until I woke up
In the end.
A lie.
All I’ve spent
All that I’ve done
Every dedication
My life
Will still be
In the end.
A fantasy.
I’ve loved every moment of it.
All I’ve done, some can only
To achieve
I lived every waking moment
Because there may be nothing
In the end.
A waste.
It was all it could be,
Though I know it could’ve been
I look back
And think of
“What could’ve been?”
In the end.
An ecstasy.
Of all the pleasures
And joys
I’ve gained.
A torment.
Of all the pain
And suffering
I’ve endured.
That the time I had
I felt I could use
That for each minute
I begged for a minute
Like drops of rain,
No one is like the other.
Like rain drops
Lost within the collection.
And when I wake up
On t
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Mirror Mirror
“Mirror, mirror, on the wall,
Who’s the fairest of us all?”
It is you, my fair friend,
All I am is all you see, in the end.
My smiles bear no light,
My tears are never mine alone,
Your face cuts the darkest night,
While mine lives on, cold as stone.
“Mirror, mirror, on the wall,
Who’s the happiest of us all?”
It is you, my fair friend,
All I am is all I see, in the end.
I am like you, for I learn what I see,
But standing here there is nothing.
You are alive, you are free
While, silently, I watch you sing.
“Mirror, mirror, on the wall
Who’s the loneliest of us all?”
It is I, my fair friend,
All I am is all you see, in the end.
A million faces I have taken
And millions more I will wear.
And every last one I’ve forsaken
For, my own face, I’ll never bear.
“Mirror, mirror, on the wall,
Who’s the darkest of us all?”
It is you, my fair friend,
All I am is all you see, in the end.
What I see is what I show.
:iconabsolvation:Absolvation 3 0
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First to Fall
         Well it’s that time again, as the outside temperature gets colder and I can stand to be here no longer. I know the onslaught that devastates my kind is coming soon enough and I can’t afford to be late for my demise. Ironically, it is my turn to usher in this new era of death and decay alone. I will be the first to fall.
         My family eagerly awaits my fall as I look around at all of them. We’re all identical to some degree, I feel. Sure, everyone around these parts are just inbred copies of each other, we all look alike in some aspects, but I guess that’s just genetics. I look around as my flesh starts to lose it’s lustrous color, fading into a dingy, dirty yellowish color. Is this what dying really felt like? I see my brothers and sisters around me, bits and parts of their bodies were already undergoing this change, but I guess I’m the unfortunate one to be the first one to have this co
:iconabsolvation:Absolvation 3 3
The Day Before Judgement Night
        The day of salvation has begun, sadly. The hours of Judgement day were starting soon, and I had little time to see my love, Sibyl. I ran through the black forest, a maze of black bark, black leaves, black branches, and blacker earth not towards the land of salvation, but moreover the land of damnation.
        Blood-moon castle was a jail, but not just a jail for criminals and thieves, but a prison of the damned and the final resting place for the forsaken: a holding-cell for those poor souls that are possessed by the devil's minions, or those who renounced their salvation; many called it the house of heretics, but this demonic house held what was closest to me. I arrived at a clearing, a wet, muddy field where the evils can be felt in the ground beneath me; a place where the faint scent of rain-water is the only peace one feels as the sounds of pain and suffering crowd the air like an orchestra of
:iconabsolvation:Absolvation 3 1
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My most recent works, well "recently updated/uploaded" per se~

Random Favourites

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My favorites so far, Hope you enjoy them as much as I did! Well done fellow Deviants!


SO I'm doing this to spread art and such, might as well, it's a way to get back into the grove of things, isn't it?

Taken from Arlouette (A wonderful person, yes yes)

The only guidelines are as follows:

+ First 15 people to comment, I'll feature 3 of what I think are your most awesome works~
+ If you do comment though, you have to do the same thing and feature the tagger (which would in this case be me) and 3 pieces of his/her works
+Spread art for the sake of spreading art~

Here's 3 pieces of her work, they are wuite awesome I must say :D
<da:thumb id="352962284"/>      <da:thumb id="180282919"/>     <da:thumb id="151165877"/>

1-15 are still open, and I'll check back and spread the word because why not :P
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Simply put, I'm a complex guy. I can tend to be a ditz at some times, whereas others I'm a complex enigma of pure mental energy. It's sad, it really is. I tend to be sardonic, cryptic, or straight up sarcastic, and my interests pan out to such a diverse amount of corners, that it makes me kinda a relate-able person to some degree.

As of recent, I'm just trying to crash through life, one way or another.


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